Soup &Coffee & ETC


Our chili beats the competition because of the dedication we put into our chili. We prepare the meat for our chili personally so that it is top quality and fresh.

Chicken soup
We prepare the chicken first hand at our deli using no canned or frozen chicken. We do our best to provide the freshest ingredients for our chicken soup.

Split pea soup
We sell this soup every Tuesday and always end up selling every last drop.

Classic Vegetable Soup
Do you remember coming home to a warm bowl of vegetable soup after a long day? We aim to produce that same taste and give you the comfortable feeling of home in every bowl of our delicious vegetable soup.


Monday: Chili / Chicken rice / Cream of tomato
Tuesday: Chili / Chicken rice / Split pea
Wednesday: Chili / Chicken rice / Maryland crab soup
Thursday: Chili / Chicken rice / Cream of tomato served
Friday: Chili / Chicken rice / Italian Wedding Soup

We serve chili and chicken rice on a daily basis
the other soups are on a rotation and they are listed at the bottom.

Chicken Noodle, Maine Lobster Bisque, Classic vegetable
Corn chowder, Chicken tortilla soup, Split soup
New England clan chowder, Maryland ctab soup, Chicken gumbo
Minestrone soup, Manhatan clam chowder
Cream of broccoli, Asparagus,lentil vegetable,
French onion, Leek-potato, lentil vegetable


Gazpacho, Cold cucumber


– Iced Coffee
– Iced Mocha
– Hot Chocolate
– Americano
– Chai Latte
– Cafe Mocha

– Cafe Au-lait
– Late
– Cappuccino
– Espresso
– Coffee